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Cooperate online with your teacher at home

Gain the mathematics and geometry skills through a comprehensive online course with weekly private lessons with YOS Live! Learn Turkish without being in Turkey. Ask and get answers online. Save the money and time you waste and transportation and study at your home.


You are one of the 16,000 scholarship winners around Turkey’s 55 cities. The benefits of the scholarship are as follows:  Free dorm, become exempt of university fees. Monthly allowance, round trip ticket to Turkey (1 time), all academic degrees such as PhD, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy.


Stay in touch with YOS Life to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy. You can study at Turkey anytime at the lowest cost. Take your YOS or SAT test courses at YOSLive and get accepted in a university. And for those who didn’t attend an exam, don’t worry. You can enter private and public universities with your high school grade point average.

Introducing the services

Stay with us

Online Advice Packages

Consulting services



Guidance and information

Ask questions and get answers and guidance; you can get in touch with our consultants for free at the bottom of the site.

Level one

Special counseling

50 $

You can contact us to get answers to specific questions and advices on choosing a course.

Time: 15 minutes

After payment, send the invoice number from the support section to our consultants.

Level two

Gold Consultation

250 $
For step-by-step support and advices along with you

You can contact us anytime to get help through the entire course with 24/7 support for answering your questions.

After payment, send the invoice number from the support section to our consultants.


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